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My name is Kostas Sapardanis.

I’m Greek, I studied economics and I have been writing since 2013. I started publishing my articles strictly in Greek (on eranistis.net) but in early 2016 I decided to start my own page, in English. Since English is my second language, please excuse any minor mistakes in my text.

My topics include, mainly, philosophy, history, religion, science and politics. I have written a book, called Socrates – moral philosophy in everyday life, soon to be self-published in English.

So, navigate through my page, if you will, and let me know what you think about my pieces in the comments section. I will not be censoring your comments, unless I find something particularly inappropriate.

All the content on the site is mine (except stated otherwise) and for every photo I provide a source. Feel free to use anything you like, but use my name and a link so that we all get along.

Feel free to contact me in any way you want, for any reason you wish.

Be well