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Alexander the Great of the Quran

Alexander the Great didn’t leave a mark only in history books; soon after his death he entered the sphere of myth. The first mythical narration of the king’s adventures belongs to pseudo-Callisthenes, a name given to the writer of the manuscript called The Life of Alexander (the real Callisthenes, Alexander’s …

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Kamikaze – Who they were, why they died

“Every time one country gets something, another soon has it. One country gets radar, but soon all have it. One gets a new type of engine or plane, then another gets it. But the Japs have got the kamikaze boys, and nobody else is going to get that, because nobody …

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The advice of an Akkadian father to his son (2200 BC)

The Akkadian Empire was the first Semitic empire and is considered to be the first empire in history. It was established in Mesopotamia (circa 2334 – 2154 BC), unifying the Akkadian and Sumerian speakers. When the empire was unmade, its people were divided into two nations; Assyria and Babylonia. “Do …

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North Korea’s economic eccentricities

“Once there were bodies lying in the streets; now there are traffic jams” Andrei Lankov In the decades when Kim Il Sung ruled, North Korea turned into a society with an unprecedented, and never to be repeated, degree of state control of the private and public life of its citizens. …

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The 20th century in political posters

The 20th century is thus far the most recorded era of history. Some pictures are capable of describing the grand events of history and the climate of a period or a moment in time. Below, you can see some memorable political posters concerning war, elections and movements that marked the …

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Animation of ancient Iraq

An animated video of ancient Babylon, posted on facebook by the group I Love IRAQ. If it does not appear automatically, press here. مدينة بابل العظيمة Great #Babylon Posted by I Love IRAQ on Saturday, June 27, 2015   And another one of Uruk (2900 BC). If it does not …

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