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The first Zionists were socialists

Zion refers to Jerusalem and is the goal of the general desire of Jews to return to their homeland, their historical space. The word Zionism was created by Nathan Birnbaum in the newspaper Self-Emancipation! (Selbstemanzipation!), in 1890. It was Theodor Herzl who gave it its modern meaning of creating an …

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The founding of Israel

“The only thing worse than having the British as your enemies, is having as your allies” Unknown In 70 AD, Israel stopped being considered as the country of Hebrews. It was the year when the Romans took over Jerusalem. Some time later, Hadrian (78-138 AD) changed the name of the …

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When Castro asked for a nuclear holocaust

“Without a doubt the Cuban people would have fought courageously but, also without a doubt, the Cuban people would have perished heroically.” Khrushchev to Castro During the short period known as ‘the Cuban missile crisis’, the planet approached more than ever the biggest catastrophe possible. Given the lauding of Castro …

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Donald Trump and the temptation to destroy

To say that people are fed up with the establishment is an understatement. Financial crises, foreign policy blunders and the evident systemic corruption have primed people to a ruthless demonizing of everything traditional in politics. However rightful or not this sentiment is, it seems to be Trump’s only allure on …

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On banning the Muslim veil

The issue of the French ban on the hijab occupies the international public discourse for years now. Many say that it’s a just law, protecting the French culture against erosion through contact with a deeply foreign civilization in the country with the highest percentage of Muslims in Europe, while others …

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Spinoza’s Political Treatise – Reason to Power

The Spinoza we read in Political Treatise is not the abstract metaphysical philosopher of Ethics, but the clear-sighted political thinker who addresses problems of his time. He projects reason as the definite tool for organizing and governing the state. Even if the system of government is kingship, it must follow …

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