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Justification of violence in Buddhism

“If ordered to march: tramp, tramp or shoot: bang, bang. This is the manifestation of the highest wisdom of enlightenment. The unity of Zen and war … extends to the farthest reaches of the holy war now under way.” Harada Daiun Sogaku, Zen Master, 1939 Brian Daizen Victoria, by writing …

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The two Gandhis – Myths and realities

“…the dead have a way of becoming saints in the eyes of their survivors…” Rachel Vincent, My Soul to Take The 1982 film starts with Gandhi’s assassination. The old leader, weak and mild, greets his admirers to pray with him. A frowned and rough-looking fanatic approaches him and, after bowing, …

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The myths of Christian persecution

“Christians love to feel persecuted. It is part of their origin story” Bill Maher We have all learned in school and heard from the pulpits that during the 3 first centuries AD, Christians were the victims of an unprecedented attack from the Roman Empire, when hundreds of thousands of believers …

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Is Pope Francis really a radical?

Traffic on the new Pope has overwhelmed the internet as he’s in the center of attention for almost a year now (since March 2013 when he was elected), with statements in favour of homosexuals and atheists, and also with the promise that his church will change radically. He has set …

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The passions of Mother Teresa

She is revered the world over for her work with the poor, her love for the sick and her apparent humility, by people of any religion. She was called a “messenger of the love of Christ,” awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and the Vatican is getting ready to canonize her. …

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