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My book

Below you can find a presentation of my book, Socrates, moral philosophy in everyday life. I am also offering parts of that book as short ebooks. These are:

My book is called Socrates – moral philosophy in everyday life

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The book is divided in two parts.

The first, short, part is about Socrates seen from a generic viewpoint – what he said and didn’t say, his cultural environment, his religious views, his relation to the Sophists and the issue of the sources (since he didn’t write anything himself, how can we know what exactly he was about?).

In the second part I take every Socratic dialogue Plato wrote, I analyze it and I comment on it.

The book is intended for the general reader. He/she is not required to have read one single line of Plato’s. This does not mean that the reader will be presented a superficial view of the philosopher, as I take care to offer a comprehensive and insightful view of Socrates.

You can find some chapters of the book posted on my site.

Here’s the contents of the book (which numbers roughly 260 pages – still being edited):

You can click on some chapters and read them