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Satan of the Quran

[at the end of the article you can click to read the relevant verses of the Quran] When God formed Adam and Eve out of mud and blew his spirit into them, he called all of his angels to kneel in front of his creation. The only one who refused …

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Responding to apologists for Islam

As if the world doesn’t have enough experience of religious violence throughout its history to recognize it when it sees it, every time a new Islamic terrorist attack takes place a new debate is raised about whether it had anything to do with Islam or not. It is particularly the …

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Jesus of the Quran

Jesus is mentioned in the Quran in 93 verses but, while the person referenced is the same one as in the New Testament, the differences between the image Christianity provides us and the one in Islam are vast; and include historical and theological incompatibilities. [at the end of the article …

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