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Animation of ancient Parthenon

This is a video by   The group Whiskytree, which makes visuals for films, prepared a short video that depicts the Parthenon of antiquity, which includes their process.. You can watch it below. Historical accuracy is small.  

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The religion of the Yazidis and why it is persecuted by ISIS

The Yazidis (or Yezidis) constitute an ethno-religious group, native in northern Mesopotamia, and speak mostly Kurdish (Kurmanji Kurdish), while few of them speak Arabic. Their origin is unclear, their population reaches 200,000-300,000 people around the world (some say up to 700,000) and their way of life is agrarian. The United …

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Homosexuality, the church and the Greek Communists

“I am no longer content to accept the crumbs from the table” Ian Hunter, Australian gay politician, 2009 It is the conviction that the world around us can be understood with reason and our senses that revealed to us that all men are equal in their ability to use these …

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