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Animation of ancient Corinth

A very impressive digital reconstruction of ancient Corinth, Greece, as it was in the 2nd century AD, during the Roman Empire’s rule. It is made by Danila Loginov, Andrey Zarov and Vyacheslav Derbenev, members of the creative team History 3D (they have also made this video of Sevastopol in the …

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Animation of ancient Syracuse

A team of scholars made this video on how the city of Sicily looked like in the olden days. The video won the 2013 CHNT Video Award, and here is how it is presented on the youtube description: “The ignorance or the mis-knowledge of the archaeological background of a modern …

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Animation of ancient Parthenon

This is a video by   The group Whiskytree, which makes visuals for films, prepared a short video that depicts the Parthenon of antiquity, which includes their process.. You can watch it below. Historical accuracy is small.  

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