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Socrates on death

This is a chapter from my book Socrates – moral philosophy in everyday life “What all of us deeply want is not to do something, but to be something.” A.E. Taylor, Plato – The man and his work When Socrates’ execution was certain and impending, and after he bid his …

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Historical mysteries and conspiracy theories

Skepticism and science against superstition “It’s good to keep your mind open –but not so open that your brain falls out” Walter Kotschnig, 1940 – usually attributed to Carl Sagan In the dark years of medieval times, the unsuspecting population of Europe would systematically become witness of a magical phenomenon …

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Socrates, the laws and the power of the state

This is a chapter from my book, Socrates – moral philosophy in everyday life “Their teacher is a prisoner of himself, and the only act of ‘freedom’ he recognizes is embracing death. Will they succeed in convincing him to escape from himself?” Kostis Papagiorgis, Socrates – the lawgiver that kills …

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