Sapardanis - Socrates trial and execution

The trial and execution of Socrates


A presentation and critical analyses of Plato’s dialogues concerning the events leading up to the trial and execution of Socrates.

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Why did the Athenians kill Socrates? Was it simply because he annoyed the wrong people with his inquisitive method, or were there other forces behind the accusations against him and his condemnation?
Here, a comprehensive view of those troubled last days of Socrates is offered, in a book that covers his first reaction to the charges, his trial, his wait for the execution and his final conversation with his friends before he drank the conium.
This e-book is part of my upcoming book, “Socrates, moral philosophy in everyday life”.

With the purchase of this product you can download a zip file which includes the book in these digital forms: pdf, mobi, epub and azw3 (for kindle).



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