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Monty Python, the Life of Brian and the Holy Inquisition

Monty Python may have expected some backlash, but they certainly did not expect a Spanish Inquisition when they released Life of Brian (1979). However, that was quite what they were met with when the movie first came out and a large number of priests throughout the Western world who wanted …

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The origins of Christmas and Santa Claus

Jesus was born roughly between 2 and 7 BC, according to historians, theologians and the Pope himself. The mistaken calculation was made by Dionysius Exiguus (470 – 544 AD), the inventor of the modern calendar and the one responsible for splitting history in two, before and after Jesus’ birth, which …

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The religion of the Yazidis and why it is persecuted by ISIS

The Yazidis (or Yezidis) constitute an ethno-religious group, native in northern Mesopotamia, and speak mostly Kurdish (Kurmanji Kurdish), while few of them speak Arabic. Their origin is unclear, their population reaches 200,000-300,000 people around the world (some say up to 700,000) and their way of life is agrarian. The United …

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The myths of Christian persecution

“Christians love to feel persecuted. It is part of their origin story” Bill Maher We have all learned in school and heard from the pulpits that during the 3 first centuries AD, Christians were the victims of an unprecedented attack from the Roman Empire, when hundreds of thousands of believers …

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The passions of Mother Teresa

She is revered the world over for her work with the poor, her love for the sick and her apparent humility, by people of any religion. She was called a “messenger of the love of Christ,” awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and the Vatican is getting ready to canonize her. …

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