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The 20th century in political posters

The 20th century is thus far the most recorded era of history. Some pictures are capable of describing the grand events of history and the climate of a period or a moment in time. Below, you can see some memorable political posters concerning war, elections and movements that marked the …

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The religion of the Yazidis and why it is persecuted by ISIS

The Yazidis (or Yezidis) constitute an ethno-religious group, native in northern Mesopotamia, and speak mostly Kurdish (Kurmanji Kurdish), while few of them speak Arabic. Their origin is unclear, their population reaches 200,000-300,000 people around the world (some say up to 700,000) and their way of life is agrarian. The United …

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A Syrian speaks to European citizens

“Either the regime’s bomb will fall on your head or the jihadists will cut your head or you’ll come in Europe to drown” Dimitris Samir In a northern city of Greece, Serres, a group has been formed to help refugees passing through the country in search of a better future …

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