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North Korea’s economic eccentricities

“Once there were bodies lying in the streets; now there are traffic jams” Andrei Lankov In the decades when Kim Il Sung ruled, North Korea turned into a society with an unprecedented, and never to be repeated, degree of state control of the private and public life of its citizens. …

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The 20th century in political posters

The 20th century is thus far the most recorded era of history. Some pictures are capable of describing the grand events of history and the climate of a period or a moment in time. Below, you can see some memorable political posters concerning war, elections and movements that marked the …

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North Korea – Totalitarianism and the police state

“A society where individual life is absolutely pointless, and where everything that is not absolutely compulsory is absolutely forbidden” Christopher Hitchens, Why Orwell Matters (2003) Under Kim Il Sung North Korea morphed into an archetypal Nationalistic Stalinist state, and it was in this form that it managed to survive without …

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