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A short dictionary of Islam – General notions and terms

This is a short, and mostly random, list of Islamic terms. It is not a comprehensive one; it is merely meant to explain some general notions of Islam, which you might have heard but don’t know what they mean. Islam                                     Submission Mohamed (570-632 AD) The last, and the most important, …

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What’s the problem Islam has with dogs?

Muslims tend to dislike dogs, especially outside the West. In Iran, they “arrest” dogs and move them to “undisclosed locations”, while their owners never receive a response from the police on their whereabouts. Guard dogs and hounds have always been allowed, and for as long as pet dogs were a …

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Satan of the Quran

[at the end of the article you can click to read the relevant verses of the Quran] When God formed Adam and Eve out of mud and blew his spirit into them, he called all of his angels to kneel in front of his creation. The only one who refused …

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Jesus of the Quran

Jesus is mentioned in the Quran in 93 verses but, while the person referenced is the same one as in the New Testament, the differences between the image Christianity provides us and the one in Islam are vast; and include historical and theological incompatibilities. [at the end of the article …

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Alexander the Great of the Quran

Alexander the Great didn’t leave a mark only in history books; soon after his death he entered the sphere of myth. The first mythical narration of the king’s adventures belongs to pseudo-Callisthenes, a name given to the writer of the manuscript called The Life of Alexander (the real Callisthenes, Alexander’s …

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